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Rocky wall process

Contact with nature and earthly materials is interrelated with the concept of well-being and peace of mind and senses. But how difficult or easy is this contact with nature in the context of living in modern cities? With the necessary know-how of materials, the reproduction and installation of rocks indoors or outdoors makes possible the proximity to natural organic forms.Initially, natural rock molds are used from a mixture of cementitious and resinous materials applied to iron construction. Then apply the jointing with the same mixture, priming and painting. Simulation in rocky natural landscapes elegantly enriches the environment in which we move.NOUS team, having ‘well-being’ as the main axis of its design approach, and located at the foot of mt. Parnitha, installed rocky surfaces on its exterior façade, that give aesthetics and contribute to the harmonization of the built urban environment with nature.

  • Art instalation by NOUS Team
  • Art instalation by NOUS Team
  • Art instalation by NOUS Team

Art installation

In August 2021, one of the most destructive fires in the history of modern Greece drowned a large part of the country in black. The premises of NOUS Interior Architects were threatened, as they are in the center of a large fire in the area of ​​Nea Kifissia.

As a tribute to the burned areas, we created a sculpture from the remains of the fiery flame. Lifeless bodies of nature compose an artistic memorial, reminding us that creation and artistic expression flourish even in the most adverse conditions.